Find Your Dream Home and Pay with Crypto at Gecko Properties!

17 มกราคม 2565


Gecko Properties are proud to announce you can now buy your dream home or pay rent for your Thai property with Crypto currencies through Wanda Exchange and our company.


In fact, it's now possible to buy or rent real estate, with Bitcoin the largest and most popular digital currency.

Wanda Exchange new platform is the gateway for Merchants and Real Estate agents to interact actively with crypto users worldwide.

We want to inform people about the payment options in Bitcoin/Crypto in Thailand. You can use their platform to for smooth and hassle-free payments. No matter what you want to buy or rent, we will assist you at every step and make your life in Thailand easier.




Get in touch with us and we will let you use our Bitcoin Converting Machine to purchase your property or pay your rent.

This Hi-Tech Device is automatically converting the Bitcoin into Thai Baht and withdraws it to our bank account. Making it easy for crypto holders to use Bitcoin in Thailand.

Our clients can easily pay or swap their Crypto into Real World Properties all over Thailand when the Bitcoin Prices are high. Wanda Exchange will handle the legal process in cooperation with their SEC registered Partner and assist ourselves and the clients personally with their transactions. Wanda Exchange can also provide a full service, including TT3 for Foreign owned properties.

The Process

The first step is to browse the Thousands of Properties available on Gecko Properties website or contact us to source your desired property. You can check the latest exchange rates for your currency or currencies of choice.

Transfer Amounts

For transfer amounts more than 500,000 THB in value will require by law to be registered. Amounts exceeding 3,000,000 THB can be carried out over the counter.

The Transaction

We print out a QR Code using the Wanda POS system which enables you to transfer your crypto currency to the exchange. From there the Thai Baht will be transferred directly into our Thai Bank account and then transferred to the owner or seller.


All this is done in a matter of minutes, and you will have a receipt issued confirming the amount and Wanda Exchange has received the money.


Wanda Exchange educates their partners and offer free help by personal assistants at sales. With their help, they don't have to match Crypto-Buyer's with Crypto-sellers anymore. Anyone can pay in Bitcoin and the seller gets always paid in a stable currency such as Thai Baht.

It is their vision and goal to bring as many investors as possible to Thailand and help the country to become the legal paradise for honest crypto owners worldwide.

“We see Bitcoin and Crypto in general as the future. In our opinion, Bitcoin/Crypto is today, what the Internet was in 2003. The final impact of Bitcoin/Crypto to us will be even bigger than the Internet Revolution. This is the reason why we want to start educating and bring more people into Bitcoin/Crypto. If we can handle this in an educational way, Thailand might become one of the greatest Crypto and Bitcoin Countries in the world by 2022.

It is not in our interest, that every Real Estate Agent becomes a Bitcoin-Holder. We want to bring companies into the crypto space by using it in a legal and safe way for transactions only, but still fully getting paid in Thai Baht. After the first few transactions and legal sales, the confidence in Crypto and Bitcoin will grow and by our educational services, anyone will be able to understand Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto.

The crypto space is much bigger than only Bitcoin. But Bitcoin is the first step to understand the great idea behind it and most other projects. In a few years, we will use crypto in our daily lives as decentralized financial services, quicker and cheaper payment solutions, in terms of IOT as well as for a safer and unchangeable internet for payments and ownership.

Most people can't imagine the future impacts that crypto will bring into our daily lives in future. We must keep in mind that most of those projects are approx. 3-5 years old (Bitcoin about 11 yrs.) but with the current regulations, we are on a good way to use these services in a legal and safe way, audited by Governments (Internet was introduced in 1994). Just because people try to scam others by the Internet, it does not mean that the Internet is a scam - It's the same with Bitcoin! With our educational and personal services, we will educate and protect our Agents to use Bitcoin and Crypto in a legal and safe way!”


Is this legal in Thailand?

Yes - Bitcoin is legal since 2017 and our Partner Bitazza Co., Ltd. is registered and certified by SEC, BoT and several other financial ministries. Please keep in mind that the whole financial process is done by Bitazza itself. We are just the bridge between foreign investors and Bitazza. (Exchange BTC/THB as well as withdraw THB/Bank are done by Bitazza). Wanda Exchange neither holds your Crypto nor your FIAT. With our POS device, we are working as the service provider.