Na Jomtien Location

这个海滨郊区位于芭堤雅市以南约20-30分钟车程处。 与芭堤雅不同,这个宁静的郊区在海滩上有许多餐厅和度假村。 在这个宽敞的海滩上享受风筝冲浪或帆板运动。 这是曼谷居民的一个受欢迎的周末目的地,虽然它似乎从未像城市那样忙碌,拥有着名的当地景点,包括海洋游艇俱乐部和玻璃屋。

娜乔木提恩是Sattahip的一个分区。 因为它非常靠近邦萨拉伊的码头,所以有很多着名的餐厅,特别是海鲜和泰国菜。 在芭堤雅水上市场,您可以在泰国所有4个不同地区的泰国传统氛围中找到各种泰国美食。 在欣赏4种当地泰国歌曲风格的同时,欣赏美丽的地方照片。

Property Listing in Na Jomtien

Na Jomtien has a lot of tourist attractions and some are very near. You can find very big 2 water parks: Cartoon Network Amazone and Ramayana Water Park. Fruit farms are open for tourists to taste fresh products in special fruit seasons (Mostly between April – June of every year). Wat Yansamgwararam is not far from Sukhumvit Road. There are Wihan Sian Pattaya, the Chinese construction that full of historical memories and beliefs and Khao Chi On No Hunting Wildlife Area, the secret peaceful place with daily dharma discussion. A little further you can go to Silver Lake, the vineyard, and Khao Chi Chan that has unique views with a relaxing atmosphere. People enjoy taking tours inside the vineyard, watching how to make wine in their distillery.