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Neues Haus projekt

ARCADE ist die ultimative Antwort auf modernes Wohnen. Eingebettet in die Ruhe bietet das Wohnprojekt seiner Art auch einen stromlinienförmigen Zugang zum Stadtleben, bereit, jede Phase Ihrer inneren Berufung zu erfüllen.

Der Palmenpark bietet Einfamilienhäuser und Doppelhaushälften im nordischen Stil.

Das beste Wohnprojekt in Pattaya, „The Palm Parco“, ist eine hochwertige Wohndekoration im nordischen Stil der Sirisa Group. Ein Traumhaus, inspiriert vom nordischen oder skandinavischen Stil, auch bekannt als das glücklichste Land der Welt.

Werfen Sie einen Blick auf das größte Poolvillenprojekt in Pattaya, willkommen im Glory Village Pattaya!

Das Projekt besteht aus einem 2-stöckigen Einfamilienhaus mit insgesamt 155 Poolvillen auf einer Fläche von 91 Rai in der Nähe der neuen Jomtien-Autobahn.

Diese modernen Luxushäuser mit privatem Garten und Pools rund um das Haus bieten 3 Hausdesigns zur Auswahl.

Garden Ville 6 is a single storey detached house designed in modern style with high-quality materials SCG’s standard. Each house is constructed on a wide space plot of land, allowing space for a swimming pool as optional. The project is designed to provide a living experience close to nature.

Palisades Contemporary Living ist das neueste Projekt, das in East Pattaya hinter der Tara Pattana International School gebaut wird.

Auf einem 6 Rai großen Grundstück bietet diese neue Entwicklung 10 luxuriöse High-End-Häuser mit 2 Etagen und 6 Schlafzimmern. Grundstücksgrößen beginnen bei 730 m².

98 Lakeville Mapprachan, Pattaya consists of only 7 detached houses.

The project is a detached house with a private pool, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, land size between 90 - 103 sq m. Usable area. Size 350 sq m. Well designed and can be used for every square meter.

“The Hamlet Pattaya” Brand new project ready to view soon. Built with high quality materials warranty 10 years construction. The project in the convenient at area Pong Town 3 mins to Mabprachaan lake. Only 5 houses in the project are private houses. A single story comes with 3 bedroom 2 bathroom and 3 bedroom 3 bathroom also swimming pool available on request on house no. 3 ,4 , 5.

If you are looking for modern living then look no further than Matcha Nirvana which offers relaxation and privacy in abundance near Pattaya.
Prices start from 10,900,000 Baht! Special Promotions now on offer, please contact us to find out more.

Astro Hill Pattaya is the latest development to be launched in East Pattaya. Located on Soi Tongklom is a raised position offering views over the surrounding area.

This modern development consists of just 7 x two storey detached houses. Each house comes with a private pool, security and garage. Not forgetting modern furnishings, European kitchen and a beautiful secluded terrace will make these houses very appealing.

There is also a firendly payment plan for buyers to take advatnage of.

Contact the team at Gecko Properties to find out more about Astro Hill Pattaya.

The Infini Pattaya are Modern Luxury Style Pool villas. 19 Single Pool villas "Modern Luxury New Iconic Architecture" style designed to meet all dimensions of your unlimited needs set on more than 5 rai of land.

D-Sign Homes is a new housing project located in the highly popular area of Huai Yai. D-Sign is an established property development company that has an outstanding reputation and been creating luxury properties since 2011. The company works with renowned architects, designers, and an in-house construction team to produce luxurious contemporary properties with flexible payment options and fully customizable house designs that enable you to purchase a home and satisfy all of your dreams and expectations.

Inara Villa offer ultra luxury pools villas with meticulous living space in the heart of Jomtien. When an extra ordinary lifestyle becomes “your” choice and a new chapter to live in abundance. Invite your loved ones and yourself to an elevated high end living space and take possession of happiness through a resort style luxurious pool villa…everyday.